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We are upscaling to a large production facility

Successful crowdfunding

In november, Invertapro opened up for crowdfunding with the goal of reaching 9 to 15 million NOK. The campaign quickly reached its target, and with more investors eager to join, we expanded to 16 million NOK.


The campaign is now closed, and we are proud to welcome 350 new shareholders to join us in working towards a more circular future.

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We're building an industrial facility

Invertapro, Larveriet, Insektproduksjon, spiselige larver, insekter, sirkulær økonomi, bærekraft, matproduksjon, industriell symbiose

Invertapro spesialise in utilising local food residues and organic side streams for insect production.

We have developed Norway's first pilot factory with automated insect production, based on extensive research and development projects. Since 2016, we have built expertise in biology, automation and products.

Invertapro has now completed plans, localisation and technology for a commercially viable industrial facility. We are working on the last details for factory construction and co-location to exploit synergies with industrial partners. We are on the threshold of opening a new chapter for insect production in Norway.

We are looking for investors interested in circular economy. Follow the campaign on Folkeinvest to receive more information.

The potential of industrial symbiosis

Our larvae are generalists which can quickly transform a wide range of raw materials into valuable nutrients. But they are also specialists in that they can use resources that other animals cannot eat.


A symbiosis with multiple players in the bio-economy can provide more stability and even better utilisation of raw materials. Invertapro is planning for symbioses with biogas, algae production and vertical farming in order to get the most out of local waste and sidestreams.


To succeed with insect production and circular economy we have to overcome complex challenges, as biology, technology and economy must all work together. Invertapro is the oldest insect producer in Norway, and has built a production model from the ground up through a series of R&D projects. We have an interdisciplinary team rich in know-how and competence. We are intent on developing effective solutions for the circular economy.

Invertapro, Larveriet, Insektproduksjon, spiselige larver, insekter, sirkulær økonomi, bærekraft, matproduksjon, industriell symbiose

What sets us apart

BIR fôr bilde_edited.jpg

Innovative method for stabilising wet feed

At the core of Invertpro's innovation is the ability to utilise food resources with a high liquid content. Invertapro has applied for a patent for the process. It opens the way for us to produce insects based on resources that are currently waste from grocery stores and the food industry. It is also the basis for our unique collaboration with BIR, a waste management company in our region.

Flexible production model

Our production model is designed to be efficient at a range of production volumes. This is important in a scaling-up phase, but also to handle any seasonal variations, or different volumes for new factories.

Robotised feeding and sorting

Invertapro has developed its own production system, scaled gradually from concept testing to pilot factory. Now we are ready to build a large-scale factory. This development process has given us an enormous amount of competence and know-how about the complex interplay between biology, technology and the market, which reduces risk when scaling to a large-scale factory.

World-class climate effect

Our insect production has 90% less climate emissions compared to standard feed currently used in fish farming. It is also more climate-efficient than most other insect producers, for several reasons: we use food waste as a substrate where most other farmers use commercial feeds; we turn insect manure into fertiliser so no resources and nutrients are wasted; we have developed processes with low power and water consumption, and we are located there there is access to clean energy.

Invertapro, Larveriet, Insektproduksjon, spiselige larver, insekter, sirkulær økonomi, bærekraft, matproduksjon, industriell symbiose

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