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Enter a circular economy

The bedrock of our production is to get the most from available resources. A large part of the feed is organic waste from local breweries and fruit farms, and we have developed methods of fermentation to conserve and improve the feed for our larvae. This gives them a safe and nutritious feast that lasts their lifetime. We produce no waste, as all is up-cycled to valuable proteins, and a superb organic fertilizer.



Mealworms are a protein-rich, delicious food ingredient that can be used in a large variety of food products. We are developing and optimizing new products with actors in the food industry, and we also sell larvae for restaurants. We produce MJØLMUMS, our own fried and seasoned larvae-snacks.


Pet food

Pet-owners are becoming increasingly aware of the miss-match their pet’s protein-powered digestive system and the high starch content in most pet food. Together with the pet food industry, we are developing a new sustainable insect-based pet food with high animal-protein content, perfectly suited for the digestive systems of cats and dogs. 



Insects are a natural part of the diet of salmon and poultry. Our larvae have a great potential as a sustainable, safe feed with nutritional benefits. We are currently working together with partners in the aquaculture industry to develop the perfect salmon feed.



Insects play a vital role in ecosystems – especially in making nutrients available to plants. BLØME releases nutrients over time, and strengthens soil microbiology. It also contains chitin that stimulates growth and strengthens the immune system. It is all made from local, organic, renewable resources – approved for organic farming. We sell BLØME for domestic use, and are testing and developing a fertilizer for use in larger scale agriculture.

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