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Mealworms are a protein-rich, delicious food ingredient that can be used in a large variety of food products. We are developing and optimizing new products with actors in the food industry, and we also sell larvae for restaurants. 




MJØLMUMS-Whole is our own fried and seasoned larvae-snacks. The larvae are dried and heat-treated with or without seasoning. You can use it as snacks or you could for an example use it as a topping on pizza or on a sandwich, etc.



MJØLMUMS-Flour is our insect flour. It can be used for baking bread, pizza, pasta, smoothies, etc. 

The flour is ground larvae with high protein contents, high in monounsaturated fat and omega 3, fibers. magnesium iron, zinc, B12, B1, B2, phosphorus, and chitin.

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