Invertapro is the foremost insect rearing and breeding company based in Norway, focusing on end-to-end processes around yellow mealworm (Tenebrio molitor) production. Founded in 2016, our main goal is to build towards a circular economy by utilising insects to efficiently process and upcycle locally available organic waste (industrial, catering and household) sourced from waste management companies into protein rich feed and food ingredients. By-products are used to produce a fertilizer approved for organic farming. 

Invertapro at a glance

From our beginnings in an old farm house, we made a video that shows what took us to where we are today.

Copyright 2018 Anette Skutevik @skutevikphoto

Alexander Solstad Ringheim

Economy & Value-chains

One of the founders of the project in Tanzania and Norway. Background in Economics, Business Development and Environmental studies. Engaged with the day to day progression of the project.

Lukas Vanderhorst

Manager Production, Research & Development

Background in Environmental Science and Sustainable Development with a focus on ecology and agriculture in developing country contexts. Worked with value-added processes in seaweed farming, and waste-water management.

Zabron Nziku

Research & Development

Zabron holds a Ph.D in Animal Husbandry and Nutrition from NMBU Norwegian University of Life Sciences. Responsible for  research and development in Morogoro, Tanzania.

Jon Gjerde


Seasoned entrepreneur and insect enthusiast, Jon has been backing Invertapro from the beginning stages.

Magnus Åsli

Research & Development

Magnus holds a Ph.D in Aquaculture and Nutrition from NMBU -Norwegian University of Life Sciences. He has been with the project since its inception.

Marie Rødsten Sagen

Manager Technology & Business Development

Environmental Engineer, previously worked at the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, and with wastewater in the circular economy at the International Water Association. Has extensive international experience.


Invertapro AS is proud to be:


  • An industrial partner for the Norwegian research council project ENTOFÔR – From waste to resource

  • Member of the Heidner insect business networking group

  • Lead partner in the Norwegian research project Larveløysing under RFF Vest

  • Member of Bergen Teknologi Overføring BTO

  • Member of Avfall Norge



Royal Norwegian Society for development

Startup of the Year


Stage 1

Climate KIC Accelerator Programme 2018

Feed-X Challenge


Climate Launchpad Competition 2016



Gardening product of the year

Bløme - Plant fertiliser


Stage 2

Climate KIC Accelerator Programme 2019 

Avfall Norges Startup award 2018



SPV Innovation Prize 2017


EU Finalist 

Sustainable feed

Stage 3

Climate KIC Accelerator Programme 2020

Voss Kommune Environmental Protection Award 2018


National Prize for Climate Technology and Renewable Energy 2017


Collaboration and Support

© 2020 Invertapro AS


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